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Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing in Shelby

I-CAR Gold® Certified Shop with a Lifetime Guarantee

√ Is your car pulling to one side?
√ Was your car hit at the wheel?
√ Steering wheel not returning to center quickly after a corner?
√ Steering feels “heavy?”
√ Are your tires wearing unevenly?
√ All of the above after an accident?

Richies Body Shop offers wheel alignment and tire balancing services
using state-of-the-art Hunter Systems® for the perfect alignment and
balance on your car.

Our philosophy at Richies Body Shop is simple. Put customer’s needs and their satisfaction at the center of daily operations.
As the premier auto body collision repair shop in Cleveland County, we take that philosophy and that promise very seriously. We’ve been your neighbor for the past 25 years. You should expect that level of care from your neighbor.

We pride ourselves on being the preeminent provider of automobile collision repair by offering the highest level of current industry training to our associates. We commit to exceeding the expectations of our most demanding customers through consistent, courteous, ethical and professional behavior. Our collective dedication to what we do has created a business culture that attracts and retains intelligent, hard-working, talented associates. We commit to one another; we strive with one another; we succeed with one another, all the while improving the community around us and the quality of life of each of our associates.